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 Diploma     MQA/A9760    3 Years     January,September

This programme facilitates a strong knowledge in the fundamentals of IT and provides students a suitable foundation to continue their studies in software engineering/systems analysis and database technologies. The course maintains a balance between all related fields of information technology such as software, hardware, networking, e-commerce and multimedia.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Diploma in Information Technology may proceed into professions such as Computer Operators, Sales Representatives, Service Technicians, System Analysts, IT Support Executive, Web Developers, Research Assistants, etc.

Entry Requirement

  1. SPM / SPMV / O-Level: Pass with minimum 3 credits / Grade C including Mathematics; or
  2. UEC: Pass with minimum Grade B in 3 subjects including Mathematics; or
  3. SKM (Level 3): Pass in a related field and pass in SPM with credit in Mathematics; or
  4. Community College Certificate: Pass Level 3 MQF in a relevant field and pass SPM with credit in Mathematics*; or
  5. STAM: Pass with minimum Maqbul Grade and credit in Mathematics in SPM
  6. STPM / A-Level: Pass with minimum Grade C in any subject and credit in Mathematics in SPM;
  7. Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

  8. *(Candidates without credit in Mathematics in SPM/ equivalent may be considered for admission into this programme if the certificate programme contains subjects that are equivalent to SPM Mathematics)


    International students must pass:
    • IELTS minimum Band 5.0; or
    • TOEFL with a minimum score of 550; or
    • Cambridge/Edexcel GCE A-Level 
    • MUET minimum Band 2 

Program Educational Objective

PEO1: Knowledgeable (PLO1) and technically competent (PLO2) to solve problems innovatively and creatively (PLO3) in the Information Technology discipline in-line with the industry’s needs.

PEO2: Able to engage in teams (PLO5) through effective communication (PLO4) in solving Information Technology related problems ethically and professionally (PLO6).

PEO3: Capable of demonstrating entrepreneurship skills (PLO8) and recognises the need for lifelong learning (PLO7) and career advancement.

Program Learning Outcome

PLO1: Apply knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles of Information Technology.

PLO2: Demonstrate technical skills to perform a range of IT support services.

PLO3: Identify, formulate and provide a creative, innovative and effective solution to IT problems.

PLO4: Communicate effectively both in written and spoken with peers, clients, superior and society at large.

PLO5: Engage as an individual or in teams in carrying out tasks related to the IT discipline.

PLO6: Apply ethical values, integrity and professionalism with human responsibility in performing tasks in line with the IT code of conduct.

PLO7: Recognize the need for and to engage in life-long learning and career development.

PLO8: Self-motivated and enhanced entrepreneurship skills for career development.

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