1st International Digital Conference on Modern Business Management and Social Sciences (IDCMBMSS 2018)

1st International Digital Conference on Modern Business Management and Social Sciences (IDCMBMSS 2018)

Mantin, 12 December 2018 - Linton University College (LUC) held its first International Digital Conference on Modern Business Management and Social Sciences (IDCMBMSS 2018). This international digital conference was a prestigious event and first of its kind by the Faculty of Business and Accounting (FOBA). IDCMBMSS was aimed at providing opportunities for global participants to share their ideas and experience in business and social science. This conference rest upon the objectives of enhancing and elevating business innovations and opportunities through a platform that allowed the amalgamation of new ideas in specific areas of expertise. 

A diverse number of presenters from Oman, China, India, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Utopia, and Malaysia attended the conference which provided an excellent platform for academicians, researchers, engineers, industry experts and students from around the world to share their research findings. 

Asst. Professor Mr Parameswaran who is also the Director of the Conference Management expressed his view in his opening remark, on what a great platform this conference was for lecturers and students in giving them the opportunity to present their research ideas and creativeness through both the digital and conventional sessions held. This conference will be the advent to the future conferences to come for FOBA, as it meets the needs of a dynamic business environment. 

The two-day conference ended with a Skype presentation by two participants based in Zambia which was witnessed by conference attendees in LUC Malaysia. 

FOBA also took the opportunity to launch the prime issue of their faculty magazine,  CYNOSURE. Cynosure is expected to be published biannually, covering a broad scope on current issues and research developments in the area of business, management, accounting and finance, and the embroilment of these fields in the industry and academia.  

In the era of digitalisation, hosting a digital conference proves apt and necessary in the enhancement of research and development beyond borders and FOBA is proud to have successfully ventured in this area for the first time. Best paper awards were given to those that made the most significant contribution in their respective fields.

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