Programmes Overview



  • Business Administration
  • Foundation in Business

    Diploma in Business Studies

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration

    Master of Business Administration

    Doctor Of Business Administration

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Foundation in Science and Engineering

    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

    Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering

    Master of Science in Civil Engineering

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Foundation Studies in Built Environment

    Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Quantity Surveying

  • Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting

    Master in Accounting And Finance

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    BSc (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • Information Technology
  • Diploma in Information Technology

    Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)

  • Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design

  • Architecture
  • Diploma in Architecture

  • Product Design
  • Diploma in Product Design

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