A Social Enterprise Project Ribboned In Unity

31/3/2018 Segambut - "What is unity in your eye?" That was the question posted to one hundred volunteers last Saturday at the headquarters of the School of Living Sciences 247 (SOLS247) in Segambut, KL. The question was part of an ice-breaking activity between Linton University College's Business Students, Master in Management students of Taylor's University and Orang Asli students of SOLS247, by the organisers - Projek 57. The answers that came out of ten teams comprising of these one hundred volunteers brought about new definitions of what unity is to this young generation of Malaysians. But the real purpose of gathering these volunteers goes beyond definitions. It was the act of working together for a cause and that cause was the making of Unity Ribbons. 

The Unity Ribbon is Projek 57's Social Enterprise Campaign for 2018. Each Unity Ribbon represents a hope for Malaysia, the acceptance of each other regardless of who we are and where we come from. It is a call to stay united, no matter the circumstances. Each Unity Ribbon costs RM2.50 and RM0.50 will go towards the Orang Asli empowerment and education.

These ribbons will be sold through various channels and one of them is through the Social Enterprise Project arranged for the Business Students of Linton University College. This collaboration was part of the MOU agreement signed between Linton and Projek57 in October of 2017 aside from the 10 Full Scholarships given by Linton to Projek57's Education Fund for the Orang Asli community. 

Thirty-eight of Linton's 2nd-year Business Students will undergo a 4 month-long project on business planning and sales execution as part of a tailored curriculum within their "Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility" module this semester. Ten out of the thirty embarked on their first task of this academic project by volunteering in the making these Unity Ribbons. 

Linton's Faculty of Business and Accounting's Head of Programme, Ms Rajasutha who accompanied her students said, "It is a great opportunity for Linton students to be part of a Social Enterprise Project as big as this with Projek57. The experience of real business, and in this case, even in the production of the Unity Ribbon, is truly invaluable. As Linton aspires to produce industry-ready graduates, this collaboration is a significant move for our students to take with them as they go out to the real world, and what's even better is the objective of the project - to spread the spirit of Unity to all Malaysians, and to aid in increasing the Education Fund for the Orang Asli community." 

Throughout the workshop, co-founder of Projek 57, Mr Collin Swee, reminded the volunteers of the importance of being accountable for their work and to pay attention to the quality of the product which is to be sold to 100,000 Malaysians. The evening ended with 5000 completed ribbons - ready for its soft launch the next day.   

Projek57 is a social enterprise that is non-political and non-partisan. They are committed to building unity and hope in Malaysia. Projek57 collaborates with universities and colleges to engage youths in projects to build unity and empowers underprivileged youths through retail training. 

To know more about the Unity Ribbon Project, visit www.projek57/unity-ribbon.