FOBA - Research Presentation & Forum

FOBA - Research Presentation & Forum

24th October, 2018 - They say new times call for new measures, and so it was for the members of the Faculty of Business and Accounting (FOBA) at Linton University College and its Affiliates. “Kudos” is certainly due in regards to the multiple research papers that are concurrently being prepared for publication purposes and worked-on for the greater needs and demands of the academic world which amalgamates the spirit of change in the way industries could reach out for a better purpose. 


Following the management concept conducted in Japan by the success of Kyocera’s growth, this team of researchers manage themselves by applying principles of the AMOEBA management - a distinctive entrepreneurial culture which is meant to capture the concept of an entity at its smallest, most elemental level, as well as to describe its ability to multiply and change shape in response to the environment. 


In other words, AMOEBA Management is intended to offer a spontaneous, homeostatic response to a business world characterized by rapid, dynamic change. This dynamic research team is led by Assoc. Prof Dr Abdul Rahman with his Research Cluster head support Asst. Prof. Dr Maria Josephine Williams, Head of Programme for the Doctorate and Master’s in Business Administration, under the leadership of Asst. Professor Mr. Parameswaran Subramanian, Faculty Dean and Head of Programme for Masters in Accounting and Finance. Together they mentor and drive the various clusters of the faculty towards research publication. 


In a series of nine presentations, the first kick-started with five faculty members and six research titles presented in today’s forum. Madam Nurulayuni presented her research entitled “Exploring Key Factors in Choosing An Accounting Profession: A study on Malaysian Higher Education Insititutions”. Following her was Asst. Prof. Dr Rasheedul Haque who presented his research entitled “Examining Key Factors Influencing Motivation Towards Entrepreneurial Intention: A Comparative Study Among International and Local Universities in Private Universities”. Madam Gunananthini and Mdm Nurul Ruzaini together presented their research thereafter, entitled “Effects of FDI in the Economic Development of Malaysia: A Study on Factors Contributing to the Withdrawal of FDI in Malaysia”. 


Madam Darishinee carried on with the forum with two controversial sounding research papers entitled “You Too Brutus? A Study on Factors Influencing Turnover Intention Among Employees” and “Permanent Head Damage (PhD) Vs Doctorate of Philosophy: A Study on Factors and Challenges in Completing a Quality Research Work Among Part-Time Scholars”. The forum ended with Ms Wong Choon Fah and Madam Lee Yee Sheng with their research paper presentation entitled “Are We Trapped? A Study on Consumer Perception of Product Quality in the Malaysian Electronic Industry”.  


This three-hour session was nothing short of insightfullness as it managed to intrigue the minds of the audience as seen and heard in the questions raised during the post-presentation Q&A session which helped futher in understanding the possible perspectives on the pros and cons of each research. LUC




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