Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education

Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education

Big Achievement...Short Courses!

CPDCE is established at Linton University College to promote the concept of “Lifelong Learning”. The courses offered here are designed to meet the learning and education needs of the various members of the society. Our training programs develop the skills and knowledge in the chosen area, be it professional, personal or academic. Courses are continually updated to ensure they remain current, relevant and consistently of high quality.


Prof Dr Mohamad Rom Tamjis is the director of CPDCE. He obtained his PhD from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. He worked for University of Malaya as a professor. He supervises many Master and PhD students and is involved in many consultancy works and participated in projects sponsored by UNESCO. He is a senior member in ICSM and Sea Net (JICA) and a Fellow of Institute of Motor Industry UK (FIMI). He is also the Director of Research Consortium for Industrial Science, Engineering and Technology (RCFISET), University of Malaya.

Short courses to be provided by CPDCE:

Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation for Business And Data Analytics

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. Augmented Virtual Reality
  3. Big Data/ Data Mining
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Blockchain Solutions for Business Problems
  6. Big Data and Cloud Analytics
  7. Leading through Digital Disruption
  8. Data Driven for Decision Making for Managers

Management and Leadership

  1. Delphi Thinking Skills
  2. Time Management
  3. Gemba Walk and Waste Management
  4. People Management in Workplace
  5. Leading, Learning and CPD
  6. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  7. The Voice of Leadership- Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results
  8. Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion
  9. Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots
  10. Using Power Effectively – A Tool Kit for Leaders
  11. Achieving Breakthrough Engagements
  12. Leadership and Industry Revolution 4.0

Soft Skills

  1. Excellent Customer Service and Employees’ Motivation
  2. Effective Presentation Skills
  3. Effective Business Writing Skills
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Effective Communication Skills
  6. Handling Difficult and Demanding Customers
  7. Effective Note Taking Skills

Quality Management System

  1. Total Quality Management
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Six Sigma (Yellow Belt)
  4. 7 QC training
  5. Lean 5s Visual Organisation Workshop
  6. Toyota Problem Solving: Eight Disciplines Problem Solving
  7. MUDA, MURA, MURI and 8 Wastes: Lean Management

For further information, kindly contact us: +6018 378 3779 or email to cbu@linton.edu.my

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