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 Diploma     R/581/4/0072 (A10087) 12/19    3 Years     January,September

The Diploma in Architecture programme provides students with the necessary contemporary theoretical knowledge, and practical and technical skills that are required for the design documentation of buildings and the administration of building construction. Throughout the Diploma in Architecture programme students will be constantly involved in design projects, ranging from open-ended architectural speculation to the preparation of production information drawings, while also gaining knowledge in legal, contractual and management issues of the architectural practice. This Diploma in Architecture programme also provides a solid foundation for advancement to degree level in a wide scope of design-related careers such as industrial design, interior design and landscape design.

Career Opportunities

Main areas of employment are with building contractors while opportunities exist in property development, mine-filled property development, academic and government departments. Specific professions include being an architectural & structural draughtsman, technical assistant, site supervisor, assistant architect

Entry Requirement

  1. SPM / SPMV / O-Level / Equivalent: Pass with minimum 3 credits / Grade C in any subjects including Mathematics; or
  2. UEC: Pass with minimum Grade B in any 3 subjects including Mathematics; or 
  3. SKM: Pass Level 3 in relevant field with 1 credit in any subject and pass in Mathematics in SPM or Pass SPM with 1 credit in any subject and pass Intensive Mathematics course (for students who failed Mathematics in SPM); or
  4. Community College Certificate: Pass with Level 3 MQF in relevant field with minimum Grade C and pass Mathematics in SPM; or
  5. STPM / A-Level: Pass with minimum Grade-C in any 1 subject with credit in Mathematics in SPM/equivalent; or
  6. STAM: Pass with Maqbul Grade with credit in Mathematics in SPM; or
  7. Other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government


    • Pass in Art Education / Engineering Drawing in SPM/equivalent; or
    • Pass Portfolio test set by the Senate for those who have not taken or failed Visual Art Education/Engineering Drawing in SPM/equivalent

            International students must pass
    • IELTS minimum Band 4; or
    • TOEFL with a score of 397 - 410; or
    • MUET Band 2

Course Content

Year 1
  • Introduction to Built Environment
  • Architectural Design Communication 1
  • Introduction to Construction Technology
  • Materials in Construction
  • Building Construction 1
  • Architectural Design Communication 2
  • Working Drawing
  • Principles of Architectural Design
  • Building Services 1

Year 2
  • Architectural Design Theory
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Design
  • Architectural Project 1 (Residential Building)
  • Structure
  • Building Services 2
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Architectural Project 2 (Public Building)
  • History of Eastern Architecture
  • Building Construction 2

Year 3
  • History of Western Architecture
  • Environmental Science
  • Architectural Project 3 (Medium Rise or Span Building)
  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • Building Construction 3
  • Architectural Project 4 (Thesis)
  • Practical Training

Program Educational Objective

To produce Architectural Technicians who are:


Capable to apply adequate knowledge in design and technical and able to utilize it in architectural practices.


Effective with ability in practical skills and able to work independently or as teamwork as well as an effective problem solver in resolving issues.


Able to demonstrate with entrepreneurial skills and ability to support the managerial duties in architectural practices and as well possess lifelong learning attributes

Program Learning Outcome

Programme Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, students will be able to:


Possess knowledge and understanding of basic skills in architecture design and technical drawings as well in building construction and technology. 


Apply both manual and digital drawing skills and other media in the preparation of architectural design drawings presentation, technical drawings and models that needed for project completion. 


Demonstrate social skills and responsibility in order to function in a team related to group work and ability to work independently in their work


Practice professional ethical values, integrity and professionalism in performing tasks related to their work in line with principles and practices pertaining to project management.


Communicate effectively both in written, spoken and graphical form in course of executing projects.


Demonstrate analytical skills and critical thinking capability required on interdisciplinary project groups for effective problem solving and decision making.


Recognize the need for learning and personal management on record achievements and future career development and as well to engage in life-long learning. 


Recognize the need for learning and personal management on record achievements and future career development and as well to engage in life-long learning

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