Pedagogy Vs. Andragogy

Pedagogy Vs. Andragogy

21 Oct 2018 – Pedagogy versus Andragogy? As mouthful as those two words may be, teaching effectiveness has been a deep concern in the current education system and within the many levels of education itself. 


The topic for today brought light on the variation between the two forms of teaching. 


While pedagogy refers more broadly to the theory and practice of education, and how this influences the growth of learners, Andragogy refers to methods and principles used in adult education. Primarily, between pedagogy and andragogy, the former is believed to be more suited for young learners while the latter, for adults, and they are basically characterized as the leadership and teaching methods. 


The effectiveness of teaching in andragogy is achieved through innovation, creativity, experiential, mentoring and modeling - a vastly more independent form of teaching as compared to that of a younger learner. 


The insights to this interesting talk was presented by Mr. Fakir Mohamed bin Omardin to the academic staff. 

Presenter’s Profile:
Mr. Fakir has an MBA, BBA degree, both from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and the Teachers’ Training Certificate from the Technical Teachers’ Training College, Kuala Lumpur. Presently he teaches courses related to management especially Strategic Management. He has been in the education field for about forty years, ranging from being a secondary school teacher, teacher trainer under the auspicious Teachers Training Division in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and lecturer at the Wawasan Open University (WOU). He has lectured on a part-time basis in a number of local institutions of higher learning, including University Malaya, UKM and the Open University of Malaysia (OUM).

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