Linton signs MOU at Fintech Blockchain Summit 2018

Linton signs MOU at Fintech Blockchain Summit 2018

  Education     14/12/2018  

12thDecember, 2018; Kulim, Kedah – Linton University College signed a Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with three prominent education and finance entities last Wednesday at the Fintech Blockchain Summit hosted by WCO World Encryption Organization. The MOU signing between Linton by its Vice Chancellor, Dr Kamis Awang, and Milletique, IFTAcademy and Menbridges Academy was a step towards promoting the educational development of blockchain technology in the finance sector. 


The main objective of this cooperation is to attain and cultivate a class of professionals through education, research and technological development, professionals who are able to create a breakthrough with this latest technology which is believed to be the answer to a more sustainable future in the world of finance. 


At the event, Ms Yong Woon Ching, senior vice president of TSEG Education Group, said that Linton University College is concerned about the development of education in blockchain and hopes to become a benchmark university in blockchain education, management and technology especially through their recently launched research centre for blockchain. 


Linton’s Blockchain Development Research Centre’s blueprint was also showcased in the Fintech Summit which basically focuses on three aspects, mainly, the training and education, being a premier university in blockchain research, and to be the incubation hub for blockchain, and all these enveloped within the vision of Linton forging the path in innovation, application and management of Blockchain Technology with a focus on developing synergies. 


Ms Yong also added in her speech that Linton was currently looking into embedding blockchain management syllabus into the programmes offered at Linton – this is one of the ways in which the application of blockchain in various fields of education which will later translate into various industries may be promoted. 


The theme of the Financial Technology Blockchain Summit was “Regional Age, Linked to the Future”. The topics of the speech included “Blockchain Technology Trends and Evolution in 2019 and Beyond”. Speakers also shared various blockchain platforms, including MTR Motor Chain, TLT Travel and Leisure Pass, EQT Education Pass, COX Pass, GVM Game Pass, WOS Pass, NRT Pass, MPV Pass.


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